Winter Containers For a Seasonal Statement

Your pumpkins are probably still looking good as we move into November, but it’s time to start thinking about how to make great looking containers for winter.

We scouted around and found a few examples to give you inspiring ideas. To make it easy, we’ve broken them down by zones so you’ll know what sorts of plants work best for your area. Each of these will dress up the porch or front door for the holidays, but still look lively after the glitzy glam is done. We think that’ll be a great thing in January when you’re ready to look at something pretty!

In colder zones you don’t have a huge range of types of plants that can stand up to whatever winter throws your way. That said, with a bit of creativity, you can transform existing potted evergreen plants into magical vignettes that only look better with a bit of snow on them.

(Left) Add a Layer: The swirling shape of a topiary spiral is the perfect foil for an underpinning of cut greens and ornaments as created by Cording Landscape Design. White lights too, of course.

(Below) Transformed: The Toronto Botanic Garden came up with such a genius idea for transforming a potted up boxwood sheared into the shape of a cone. They added evergreen boughs including pine, cedar, Douglas fir, and southern magnolia leaves and then gilded it with a mix of dried organic materials and cold-resistant ornaments. Brilliant!



Credit : Monrovia